Tailgating Continued

  After some thought, and some tailgating of course, I thought I’d add to my previous post.  I don’t know why I had never thought of this until this year, but tailgating after the game is a blast.
  It may have helped the the Gators had a noon game.  There was plenty of time afterward to continue hanging out. 
  The people I was with pulled out a fryer and fried up a bunch of shrimp, chicken nuggets, cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers and a lot more.  We put on some more football, played a few more games and continued to talk and be merry.  Just having won our game against Missouri helped with the happiness.
  I think more people should do this after-the-game tailgate, even the evening games.  How many of you out there tailgate after the game?  I’d love some suggestions for things to cook/do. 


Tailgating…A Way of Life

Growing up in a college town definitely helped me get into tailgating.  I enjoy tailgating for a college game more than I enjoy tailgating for a pro team.  I don’t have a huge tailgating group, but we definitely have fun.  I co-host my tailgating area with a good friend of mine, Danny, and his brother-in-law, Travis.  The three of us gather by UF‘s law school around 7:45 or 8:00 in the morning.  We meet up later than then sometimes, depending on when the Gator game starts.

Once we meet up, we set up our tents, tables, grill and corn hole.  Once we get everything set up Danny and I will go to a great mom-and-pop store across the street called Wilbert’s.  We gather any last minute things we might need and some ice.  Danny and I are both superstitious when it comes to sports so if we don’t go to Wilbert’s we risk the game.  After we gather everything we need one or two of Travis’ friends comes by and we play a few games of corn hole and talk football while I cook up some kind of breakfast.

A few hours later Danny’s family and a few of my friends start showing up.  I’ll pull out my TV and a laptop, we’ll connect to our new generator, and start watching College Gameday and various football games throughout the day.  Around lunch time Danny or I will light up the grill and we’ll put the meat on the grill.  We grill a variety of things.  We try to pair what we grill to who we are playing against, ranging from easy hamburgers and hotdogs to all-day-long grilled ribs, etc.

We’ll all enjoy each others company, a few games on the TV, corn hole and a few drinks (only for those of us that are of legal drinking age.)   We’ll do all of this up until game time.  Danny and I thoroughly enjoy when the Gators don’t play until the evening because we get to eat some amazing food and have a lot of laughs with friends.

What do you like to do during your tailgating gathering?

Work and Sports

  There’s nothing better than a friendly rivalry.  Especially when it comes to things happening at work.  Living in Jacksonville definitely breeds ground for rivalries in a big way since there isn’t a “home” college team. 

  Being a native Gainesvillian I’m the “Gator” guy at work.  I work with some fellow Gator fans, as well as Georgia, FSU, LSU and Miami fans.  I’m leaving the pro football talk for another day.

  This weekend is huge in the SEC!  I’ve made some fun bets on this weekend…nothing monetary of.course.  The rivalry between UF and Georgia has made this week at work a lot of fun, we’ll see who has fun at work on Monday.

  Who do you think will win on Saturday?

Public Relations Writing Class

I’m finally getting into the “real” college classes.  The last year of college.  It took me some time to get here, but I had fun.  I’m in my public relations writing class for the first part of my summer semester at UNF.  All of the advertising and marketing classes were fun, but I can finally buckle down and take my required courses.  Public Relations Writing…doesn’t sound all that bad does it?  If you said “no Travis, it doesn’t sound all that bad”  you’d be completely wrong.

I’m creating a press release for Visit Jacksonville, something that will help bring more visitors to the city.  My teacher even mentioned promoting a “staycation,” or a vacation you take without leaving where you live.  It really is a great idea.  I figured that I would create a press release that dealt with the sports teams we have here in Jacksonville.  The Jacksonville Jaguars is where I thought I’d start, since I want to work in the world of football once I graduate.  I found this is to be a bit harder than I thought, mainly since there is a limited number of games in a year.  I then moved to the Jacksonville Suns because of the multitude of games they play, and a few of the awesome events they hold throughout the season.  The first thing I would suggest to the Suns, if I was to ever get a meeting, would be to create a new website purely for their website address.  If you click on the Suns link and look you’ll see why.

The main thing I’m having difficulty with is finding information regarding the psychographics of certain areas.  I can find demographic information just fine, but if anyone knows a great place for psychographic information, please share it.