Learning the ropes of Public Relations

I’m currently a senior at the University of North Florida studying Public Relations.  Creating this blog was, in part, because of my classes.  I figure I’ll just write about my life for awhile, while figuring out what to focus on.

On that note, I’m helping O2B Kids with their recital in Orange Park today and looking forward to seeing the dances and cheers our kids have been practicing all year.  This job definitely has its perks.

They do this in a real theater with costume and set changes, it’s all very professional.  The kids definitely have a blast.  Their parents and family get to sit in the audience and watch the whole thing unfold.  I look forward to being in charge of the curtain again this year.


Fun on Foursquare

For the longest time I fought getting a “smart” phone.  I had never needed it before and couldn’t fathom why I would need it now.  I had tons of friends that owned one, so if we ever needed to find something or some kind of App would help our situation, they had a phone and we used theirs.  Well, a little under a year ago I was given an Android phone for my birthday…

I now know what I was missing…these phones are incredible.  When I told me friends I had one they instantly told me which apps and games I needed to download ASAP.  We connected with each other through these apps and its been a blast ever since.

I discovered this app called Foursquare not to long ago and I’m surprised it isn’t more popular (yes I know there are millions of people that use it every day.)  If you don’t already know, this app allows you to check into places, become the mayor of the location, and sometimes get some kind of deal from the place you checked into.  It can also be a fun game to play with your friends to see who gets where first.

Becoming the mayor is more satisfactory than you think, I recently “stole” the mayorship to Kohl’s from someone I have never met and I fist pumped in victory in the middle of the store.  I got some interesting looks from both my friends and complete strangers.  I checked into various restaurants and mayors get deals there and if you check in a certain amount of times you can get a deal, it’s all quite fun!


Is it me, or is eating BBQ practically a religious experience?  It’s a food that you either absolutely love, or don’t like at all.  That being said, it mainly depends on how the BBQ is made.  My favorite is the southern style, slow roasted and dripping with sauce while it is being cooked.
I went back to my parents’ house since it was Mothers Day, and I got to eat at David’s BBQ, where I practically grew up.  (I discovered honey there, which is a whole other story for another day).  The restaurant just brings me home completely.
A few friends of mine argue that Sonny’s is better, this creates a long conversation about the way BBQ is made and all that jazz.  Sonny’s is good, don’t get me wrong, it just seems mass produced to me.  Perhaps my friends and I should go on a country wide BBQ search…

The Gym

Well, I figured it was time to get back into shape.  I joined Planet Fitness about a year ago and I’ve been trying to shed a few pounds.

I started on this protein diet and I run/lift weights depending on the day.  I’ve gotten down to around 203 pounds but I can’t seem to get below that.

I’ve been looking for new ways to try and lose weight and using Men’s Health as much as I can, but I still can’t break 203…the search continues.