Public Relations and Event Planning

Wow.  That’s all I can say right now.  I know that event planning is a ton of work, I’ve helped in various classes and with organizations I’m involved in.  I have a new appreciation for those that run events.  I’m co-running an event for my PR Campaigns class and I had no idea it was this much work!  For those of you in event planning, what got you interested in doing this?  It’s definitely interesting, as everything is always changing, but it is definitely stressful.

I’m still connecting the dots between public relations and event planning, but I can see where they can coexist and how they can help each other.  I can definitely tell you adults still act like kids, so working with kids for so long has been a HUGE help in dealing with adults today.  Guerrilla marketing may be a calling for me, that’s for sure.  I’ve had a blast coming up with innovative ideas on how to spread the name of an organization in a new and fun way.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a blast doing it.  I just had no idea what the people at the top did!  I also learned very quickly to work from the end backward.  We had to plan everything for the “day of” the event and then have to work backward in getting everything from everyone and get it sent to where we need it.  This includes the smallest things like napkins for food and signs for parking and directions.  I’m not sure if I’ll be pushing to go into event planning in the future, but who knows.

Working with and meeting all types of personalities is a trip.  I’ve had some very angry people, who I’ve been able to calm down, and some people who are just “yes” people and don’t come through with what they promised they would do.  I’m beginning to understand why some people can get stressed out from all of this, however, so far I’ve been successful in controlling the job and not letting the job control me (so far.)  They gym definitely helps (ha ha.)

I’m definitely up for suggestions on ways to keep things in order and get info sent out to who it matters in a timely manner, please share.


Work and Sports

  There’s nothing better than a friendly rivalry.  Especially when it comes to things happening at work.  Living in Jacksonville definitely breeds ground for rivalries in a big way since there isn’t a “home” college team. 

  Being a native Gainesvillian I’m the “Gator” guy at work.  I work with some fellow Gator fans, as well as Georgia, FSU, LSU and Miami fans.  I’m leaving the pro football talk for another day.

  This weekend is huge in the SEC!  I’ve made some fun bets on this weekend…nothing monetary of.course.  The rivalry between UF and Georgia has made this week at work a lot of fun, we’ll see who has fun at work on Monday.

  Who do you think will win on Saturday?

NBC’s New TV Show Revolution

I had to wait until this morning to check out NBC’s new show Revolution because I have school until 8:45 pm, but I think it was worth the wait.  The show is a semi-post-apocalyptic setting.  It starts set in “today” but all technology as we know it shuts off.  Everything from cars and airplanes to personal music devices and flashlights.

We then move 15 years in the future after people have adapted to this new way of life.  No one, except for one person (that we know of) knows why the power just shut off.  I won’t go into major detail because I want you to do some digging of your own, it’s more fun that way.  I’ve always been a fan of post-apocalyptic shows, movies, etc. or even ones set in a different type of future like the show Terra  Nova set in the future, but the cast is sent to a prehistoric past.  I’m still slightly hopeful that Fox will renew the show at some point.

Revolution brought me mixed feelings after watching it.  I was a bit let down, because this show features everything that is typical with the genre: Slightly fascist militia, a drunken “nobody” who turns out to be amazing, the super hot chick who knows how to handle herself, but is to trusting, so she freaks out from time to time, a timid male who will probably end up being pivotal to the show and a doctor in the same situation.

However, the show did have awesome action sequences and some questions were raised about who really knows anything regarding the end of technology at the end of the episode.  These are a couple of reasons I’ll give Revolution a few more episodes to truly reel me in.

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Weather

Having lived in Florida my entire life I often wonder why people freak out at the slightest thought of tropical storms and hurricanes.  Tropical Storm Beryl just passed through Jacksonville, FL with very little damage to the area.  Power went out in most of the city, trees and tree branches fell, the general stuff that happens with fast winds and rain.

The stuff that amazed me was the amount of people buying food and equipment as if a category five hurricane was on its way to the city.  People were buying camping gear, flash lights, non-perishable food, all that jazz.  People were actually boarding up their houses!  I had family text me asking if I was going to be OK because of what the Weather Channel was saying.  I’m not saying people shouldn’t be prepared, but everyone should already have stuff in their homes.

I guess not freaking out about this stuff mainly comes from all the years I spent in boy scouts, ultimately earning the rank of Eagle Scout.  I image that makes me a bit more prepared on a regular basis for things than people who haven’t had the kinds of experiences you get in scouting.  Having things like flash lights, batteries, candles, matches and food has always seemed like stuff everyone would generally have in their homes…I guess some people don’t keep them.

Getting back to the weather….

Floridians experience this kind of weather every year.  Hurricanes and tropical storms don’t cross land every year, but we get heavy rains and speedy winds every year.  I’m still surprised every year at this time because I still see people who freak out and buy things that they don’t need.  We lost power at my house for only around an hour and a half, not surprising at all.  The power came back on and we’re still alive.

Perhaps I should devote this blog to survival topics and help spread information about being prepared.  Thank you Boy Scouts of America.

Jacksonville Jazz Fest

  I went to my first jazz festival in Jacksonville over the weekend.  It was quite fun.  There was lots of food, drinks and music (of course.)

  I was walking around with a friend and we stumbled upon this band called Divine Harmony.  The band consisted of guys playing a guitar, drums, piano, a guy drumming on a box and a saxophone. 


  Other than watching Trombone Shorty play Saturday night this band was probably the best I had heard all day. 

Kids Boost Your Immune System

I don’t have to tell you that getting sick just isn’t fun.  Everyone knows this.  What I can tell you is that working with kids has boosted by immune system to soaring heights.  When I first started working with kids a little over eight years ago I got sick a ton.  If I kid sneezed within twenty feet of me I just knew I was going to catch something.  Over time I noticed that I was getting sick less and less, now, at the time I was incredibly lazy (I weighed almost 230 pounds) and a major slob so I wasn’t helping myself in any way.  I would still get sick, but only three or four times a year.

All the sudden I went a year without catching anything, I get strep throat from time to time, but that’s my one weakness.  I can tell you, without a doubt, that being around kids has boosted my immune system in a major way.  It also helped that I realized how lazy and sloppy I was and I’ve now lost just about thirty pounds (yay me!!) and I keep a much tidier place, so those are big things that help me stay healthy as well.

Men’s Health has been a big help as well, sharing tips on staying in shape, eating right, and keeping clean.  I owe them a lot.

Public Relations Writing Class

I’m finally getting into the “real” college classes.  The last year of college.  It took me some time to get here, but I had fun.  I’m in my public relations writing class for the first part of my summer semester at UNF.  All of the advertising and marketing classes were fun, but I can finally buckle down and take my required courses.  Public Relations Writing…doesn’t sound all that bad does it?  If you said “no Travis, it doesn’t sound all that bad”  you’d be completely wrong.

I’m creating a press release for Visit Jacksonville, something that will help bring more visitors to the city.  My teacher even mentioned promoting a “staycation,” or a vacation you take without leaving where you live.  It really is a great idea.  I figured that I would create a press release that dealt with the sports teams we have here in Jacksonville.  The Jacksonville Jaguars is where I thought I’d start, since I want to work in the world of football once I graduate.  I found this is to be a bit harder than I thought, mainly since there is a limited number of games in a year.  I then moved to the Jacksonville Suns because of the multitude of games they play, and a few of the awesome events they hold throughout the season.  The first thing I would suggest to the Suns, if I was to ever get a meeting, would be to create a new website purely for their website address.  If you click on the Suns link and look you’ll see why.

The main thing I’m having difficulty with is finding information regarding the psychographics of certain areas.  I can find demographic information just fine, but if anyone knows a great place for psychographic information, please share it.