Facebook Business Pages

How many of you out there have a business Facebook page?  If you do you’ll be a gigantic help.  The knowledge that you can share will be readily accepted and greatly appreciated.  I’m graduating from school soon with my degree in public relations and, because of this, my family seems to think I’m already some huge pr guru….perhaps in the near future.

I started a business page for my parents’ vacation rental property, which I’ve blogged about before, and my aunt and uncle have asked for help with their restaurant business page.  I’ve learned that posts with pictures are received better than posts without them, is there a best way to do this?  Should I include patrons in the pictures to liven things up?  What are your thoughts?

Gasparilla Villa      IMGP5943

The first picture is the front view of the vacation rental property and the second picture is of the patio for the restaurant.  I’m in the process of getting more photos of the restaurant itself.

For a vacation rental property what is the best way to spread word of a page that is starting from scratch?  How do I increase the fan base the quickest way?  I have a link to their website in the about section, is there a better place to put it?  The target audience, according to my folks, are in the 45 and older range, especially families.

The restaurant is a family-friendly breakfast and lunch place.  What is the best way to get people involved on the Facebook page?  I put posts on the page Friday morning and just before lunch asking what their favorite items on the menu are, with a direct link the website’s menu….I got zero responses, but two people like the post asking about breakfast.

Any and all help is appreciated and will be a huge help.  Thank you for your time.


Fun on Foursquare

For the longest time I fought getting a “smart” phone.  I had never needed it before and couldn’t fathom why I would need it now.  I had tons of friends that owned one, so if we ever needed to find something or some kind of App would help our situation, they had a phone and we used theirs.  Well, a little under a year ago I was given an Android phone for my birthday…

I now know what I was missing…these phones are incredible.  When I told me friends I had one they instantly told me which apps and games I needed to download ASAP.  We connected with each other through these apps and its been a blast ever since.

I discovered this app called Foursquare not to long ago and I’m surprised it isn’t more popular (yes I know there are millions of people that use it every day.)  If you don’t already know, this app allows you to check into places, become the mayor of the location, and sometimes get some kind of deal from the place you checked into.  It can also be a fun game to play with your friends to see who gets where first.

Becoming the mayor is more satisfactory than you think, I recently “stole” the mayorship to Kohl’s from someone I have never met and I fist pumped in victory in the middle of the store.  I got some interesting looks from both my friends and complete strangers.  I checked into various restaurants and mayors get deals there and if you check in a certain amount of times you can get a deal, it’s all quite fun!