Travis 2Hello! My name is Travis Davidson. I graduated from Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL with an A.A. in Journalism in 2010 before transferring to the University of North Florida in Jacksonville. I graduated from the University of North Florida (UNF) with a B.S. in Communications, with a focus on public relations in 2013.

During my undergraduate years at UNF, I exercised my academic options by enrolling in advertising classes along with the obligatory public relations classes. At the same time, I joined the Advertising Club as a way to further explore advertising. Ultimately I became the club liaison for the Advertising Club with the Club Alliance Organization, the University Club Activity Committee. I was also a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA.)

The PRSSA helped me focus on my public relations track. I enjoyed creating new relationships and meeting individuals who had a common interest in the public relations world. I was able to represent UNF at a national conference in Atlanta, Ga. and made a few lasting friendships while I was there. The organization included an excellent social aspect at UNF and helped those of us in the program get to know each other.

I was offered an outstanding public relations internship opportunity with St. John & Partners in Jacksonville. St. John & Partners asked me to help with projects for Zaxby’s and Winn-Dixie. I oversaw online competitions, new location releases and a host of other projects within the two companies. The moral of the internship was a true passion for public relations igniting within me and I gained invaluable experience with their public relations team.

After graduating, I joined Advanced Medical Personal Services in Daytona Beach, FL and gained fantastic sales experience. My focus was on sales calls with the objective of placing physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists with selected medical facilities. Unfortunately, this position did not utilize my communications training. I parted ways with the company and moved back to the Jacksonville area to join a Client Focused Media (CFM.)

CFM added me to their sales staff with The Buzz Magazine and I had an opportunity to develop client relationships as a marketing specialist. This was a fun job that allowed me to add value to the CFM customers. I enjoyed fostering positive relationships and to grow advertising revenue to The BUZZ Magazine.

Client Focused Media allowed me to sharpen my project management and marketing skills with the main team as well. My responsibilities included facilitating printing, design and web projects for CFM clients as well as supervising volunteers for their event groups. As a way to represent CFM with the city of Jacksonville, I joined the Mandarin Division of the Jacksonville Chamber, the Boy Scouts of America Sports Luncheon and Jaxtoberfest committees. Working with these organizations allowed me to network while adding relevant discussion and value to the various projects we worked on.

After some time with CFM I moved back to Gainesville and joined my father’s companies. I joined my father in 2015 have not looked back. I help Columbia Timber Company by overseeing our timber harvesting operations and sharing information with our clients and the public. I earned my Master Logger designation in 2016. This designation shows that our company takes environmental concerns first and foremost. We follow Best Management Practices to ensure that the land will be there for future generations to enjoy and we help the landowner achieve their goals and objectives for their property. I also earned my real estate license and took over the real estate company, United Country Land & Lifestyle Properties. My goal for 2017 and the future is to grow the real estate division and help customers find the property of their dreams.

I continue to learn new leadership skills and want to develop these client relationships to help an appropriate organization grow and prosper. Perhaps this desire was ingrained in me while earning my Eagle Scout award in high school, or perhaps it was ingrained in me during my senior year as Captain of our high school crew team, I do not know for sure when, but I do know that I want a career that utilizes my leadership skills as well as my outgoing personality to add value and further an organization’s goals.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Enjoyed watching you on Undercover Boss tonight. Looks like we both have marketing/advertising experience and I just thought you came across very professional as well as down to earth. Congrats on being on the show, but must say you seem like a doll and thought it was adorable that you’re looking for Miss Right still. Wanted to reach out as I know a lovely girl who would be interested. 🙂 All the best, and congrats again.

    1. Erica,

      My apologies for not responding sooner. I have not visited any of my WordPress sites in some time now.

      The lengths the show went in order to hide their true intentions from me was incredible, but filming was a lot of fun. Thank you for the congratulations and one never knows who will fall into your path.

      1. Hello Travis,

        Looks like you and me both are not keeping up with this site. 😊 Thank you so much for your response. Just read this now. Very interesting about the show. I always wondered if the people being filmed knew what the show was about… well at least some figure it out, but I’d probably be stumped too. I’m sure the filming was fun as you said. True… you never know who might fall in your path. Great words, and I’m always the optimistic one. If you’d ever like to chat sometime, that would be great. We could share stories. Who knows, stranger things have happened I guess, but couldn’t hurt to see what we might have in common. If anything, it would be fun to talk shop. All the best in your endeavors.


      2. Erica,

        I would be happy to chat with you. Stranger things have definitely happened. I’ve decided to start keeping up with this page (as of today) as a way to further advertise the companies I work for.



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