NBC’s New TV Show Revolution

I had to wait until this morning to check out NBC’s new show Revolution because I have school until 8:45 pm, but I think it was worth the wait.  The show is a semi-post-apocalyptic setting.  It starts set in “today” but all technology as we know it shuts off.  Everything from cars and airplanes to personal music devices and flashlights.

We then move 15 years in the future after people have adapted to this new way of life.  No one, except for one person (that we know of) knows why the power just shut off.  I won’t go into major detail because I want you to do some digging of your own, it’s more fun that way.  I’ve always been a fan of post-apocalyptic shows, movies, etc. or even ones set in a different type of future like the show Terra  Nova set in the future, but the cast is sent to a prehistoric past.  I’m still slightly hopeful that Fox will renew the show at some point.

Revolution brought me mixed feelings after watching it.  I was a bit let down, because this show features everything that is typical with the genre: Slightly fascist militia, a drunken “nobody” who turns out to be amazing, the super hot chick who knows how to handle herself, but is to trusting, so she freaks out from time to time, a timid male who will probably end up being pivotal to the show and a doctor in the same situation.

However, the show did have awesome action sequences and some questions were raised about who really knows anything regarding the end of technology at the end of the episode.  These are a couple of reasons I’ll give Revolution a few more episodes to truly reel me in.

Author: Travis Davidson

Growing up in Gainesville, FL around the timber investment and forestry industry, Travis Davidson understands the agricultural community along with the commitment and hard work it takes for a family business to be successful. Travis also understands the residential market in the North Central Florida area. As a graduate of the University of North Florida (UNF) in Jacksonville, Travis has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, with a focus in public relations and marketing. Throughout his years at UNF, Travis was an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America and represented UNF at a Public Relations Society of America conference in Atlanta, GA.  Travis joined his family's businesses shortly after graduation. Travis is currently a Realtor, land manager and forestry operations supervisor, across North Florida, for United Country | Land & Lifestyle Properties and Columbia Timber Company. His father, Jib Davidson, is a Certified Forester and the experiences Travis has learned in land and forestry management has led him to improve several timber investment properties into productive projects for landowners. His experience has also helped many properties attract native vegetation and wildlife to residential, agricultural and natural properties alike. Travis is a member of the Gainesville-Alachua County Association of Realtors, Gainesville Chamber of Commerce and Florida Forestry Association where he earned the Master Logger designation. Travis is also an active communications committee member for the Florida Forestry Association.  Travis earned his rank of Eagle Scout while in the Boy Scouts of America and has become an avid outdoor enthusiast. Travis enjoys hiking, camping and spending time around a campfire with friends and family. His experiences in timber investments and real estate have built Travis' knowledge base and passion for agriculture and the outdoors that continue to grow more each day.

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