Hurricane and Tropical Storm Weather

Having lived in Florida my entire life I often wonder why people freak out at the slightest thought of tropical storms and hurricanes.  Tropical Storm Beryl just passed through Jacksonville, FL with very little damage to the area.  Power went out in most of the city, trees and tree branches fell, the general stuff that happens with fast winds and rain.

The stuff that amazed me was the amount of people buying food and equipment as if a category five hurricane was on its way to the city.  People were buying camping gear, flash lights, non-perishable food, all that jazz.  People were actually boarding up their houses!  I had family text me asking if I was going to be OK because of what the Weather Channel was saying.  I’m not saying people shouldn’t be prepared, but everyone should already have stuff in their homes.

I guess not freaking out about this stuff mainly comes from all the years I spent in boy scouts, ultimately earning the rank of Eagle Scout.  I image that makes me a bit more prepared on a regular basis for things than people who haven’t had the kinds of experiences you get in scouting.  Having things like flash lights, batteries, candles, matches and food has always seemed like stuff everyone would generally have in their homes…I guess some people don’t keep them.

Getting back to the weather….

Floridians experience this kind of weather every year.  Hurricanes and tropical storms don’t cross land every year, but we get heavy rains and speedy winds every year.  I’m still surprised every year at this time because I still see people who freak out and buy things that they don’t need.  We lost power at my house for only around an hour and a half, not surprising at all.  The power came back on and we’re still alive.

Perhaps I should devote this blog to survival topics and help spread information about being prepared.  Thank you Boy Scouts of America.

Author: Travis Davidson

Growing up in Gainesville, FL around the timber investment and forestry industry, Travis Davidson understands the agricultural community along with the commitment and hard work it takes for a family business to be successful. Travis also understands the residential market in the North Central Florida area. As a graduate of the University of North Florida (UNF) in Jacksonville, Travis has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, with a focus in public relations and marketing. Throughout his years at UNF, Travis was an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America and represented UNF at a Public Relations Society of America conference in Atlanta, GA.  Travis joined his family's businesses shortly after graduation. Travis is currently a Realtor, land manager and forestry operations supervisor, across North Florida, for United Country | Land & Lifestyle Properties and Columbia Timber Company. His father, Jib Davidson, is a Certified Forester and the experiences Travis has learned in land and forestry management has led him to improve several timber investment properties into productive projects for landowners. His experience has also helped many properties attract native vegetation and wildlife to residential, agricultural and natural properties alike. Travis is a member of the Gainesville-Alachua County Association of Realtors, Gainesville Chamber of Commerce and Florida Forestry Association where he earned the Master Logger designation. Travis is also an active communications committee member for the Florida Forestry Association.  Travis earned his rank of Eagle Scout while in the Boy Scouts of America and has become an avid outdoor enthusiast. Travis enjoys hiking, camping and spending time around a campfire with friends and family. His experiences in timber investments and real estate have built Travis' knowledge base and passion for agriculture and the outdoors that continue to grow more each day.

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